EGR aquires a European PC Overwatch team

"ATRgod" - October 26, 2016

In our latest and most up-to-date news post, we've chosen to feature one of our more undercover roasters who have been silently prepping themselves during the last several months. The silence up till this announcement has mostly been due to the fresh nature of the team and Overwatch as an esports title.This team is full of personal friends and previous teammates who I (Bitey) know have the experience and talent to succeed given time and investment.

When EGR invited them into the org, it was a rare chance to seize a lineup before having any major accomplishments in a title. Also, this is EGR’s first team residing outside of the United States. Based on my recommendation, interviews, and judgement of their abilities from the past I suggested that we partner to grow as a team and organization together. Now after three months our team has gained the ability to place highly inside of the ESL weekly tournaments.

So without further delay, introducing to all the fans in blue, our new Overwatch Roaster:

  • Grissi- The Captain of the team and a long time friend. He's an experienced leader of teams that spans years even during the golden years of the gaming starting with Natural Selection(2002). An Icelander tough as nails and always committed to planning for the big picture. Over the last 5 months he started the team from the bottom joining into the ESL leagues and worked up his team into to consistently placing top16 or higher inside of ESL. Grissi’s on field position tanking with Rhinehart.
  • Herakles- One of our two resident frenchman, Herakles is one of our highly decorated Natural Selection 2 vets. If the theme of our team is NS players, then Herakles would be one our most accomplished from that community. Being victorious in multiple seasons of the ENSL, his confidence, wit, and skill make him a dangerous weapon. The experience Herakles brings to the table shows throughout the years with the championships he scored. He assists Grissi with leading the team using his own unique approach and specializes in the damage dealer roles.
  • Valk- Similar to the captain himself, Valk is a fellow icelandic giant whose technical skill and prowess combined with the patience of sages makes him a threat on whatever he plays. Key to the DPS positions his aim, tracking, and awareness let him dominate the battlefield with firm control. He has a strong love for the classics including Quake and other skilled vintage shooters. Grissi and himself have nearly 4 years of history together providing a strong bond in not only country, but fighting spirit.
  • Alcalde- A mad spaniard with a resume built in savagery coupled with a dash of musical genius. Similar to the others, he comes from the golden years of gaming getting his start early in Counterstrike 1.5. Following a similar path of his teammates he spent much of his time in Natural Selection 1/2 including participating with Valk & Grissi in powerhouse Goðar. Thriving in roles as a support damage dealer, he always finds himself trying to assist in plays. With the current lineup he elected to play support primarily on Lucio, his musical talents combined his heightened awareness refined over the decades makes him a powerful contender.
  • King_Yo- Is our other french dominator, him and Herakles have a friendship that spans the years. Similar to the comradery of Valk & Grissi these two have been a powerful force over the years. King Yo specialized in being a powerhouse fragger during his NS career, typically playing aim intensive roles and classes. His keen eye for finesse almost always allows him to make the clutch plays in the smallest of moments.  His current field position is the flex, normally that means tanks and heavy handed hitters.
  • DXC(Spring)- The hotshot  and the youngest member of the team he’s a child prodigy whose skills were forged by Herakles. Found in NS2 during it’s final seasons of competitive play, he’s started with an extraordinary talent for precision and dedication. With the years ahead of him, were hoping for a bright blue eGr future with such a talented FPS player. His current position on field is support utilizing Ana, a high precision aim based healer.

With these new players welcomed aboard, we also want to shout out Gnaw who’s elected to assist our Eager boys in Overwatch as a coach and general  manager for assisting with recordings and footage review. He’s been putting in tireless nights on his channel, gaining himself into the top 50 players of the ranked leaderboards. So look forward to hearing about his partnership and participation on his own channel for even more exciting news.



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