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Darrell "Gnaw" Elston - May 11, 2016

So we've asked one of our resident professionals on the Paladins team to share a few of his thoughts on the latest patches taking place in the game with Closed Beta 25. In an exclusive release he shared some of this thoughts and opinions for all.

Chris "Bitey" Mohn - May 11th, 2016

If there's one thing that seems to be consistent throughout the latest patches, it's that things change. Sometimes we get stuck with patches which make you question your sanity, other times you find a strange and alluring gems buried in the dark. Fortunately, it seems that this isn't true anymore as Hi-Rez has finally starting taking things into what I view as the right direction.

Positivity & Information:

A big change that's happened is the communication between developers and players feels like it's increased. In particular, Erez seems to be cropping up in streams sharing snippets and spoilers throughout his visits. Not only that but I've even seen dialog which looks to be highlighting a few upcoming changes I'm already excited to experience.

HiRezErez: the map selection should be good for next week

HiRezErez: you will know the map before you pick the classes

HiRezErez: practice all 3 maps, because they will all be in play

HiRezErez: I'll let the eSport guys and teams figure out what to play, I'm just making sure we get the choice of selecting maps in challenge mode

HiRezErez: we can probably let teams figure out the order, I just don't really want the same map every game

Some players might think "Well how is this enough, this should have been in a long time ago" but with game development everything is on a timetable and features can take ages to construct. Especially depending on the size of the team, while map selection obviously could have been given higher priority given our major ongoing tournaments all these months. It seems that when you look at the stage of when the closed beta opened, the game was in much more infancy then everyone realized, even some of the developers.

Another big change that seems to have came through is the patch note releases finally containing additional information with the 'Why?' things are being adjusted. While I might not agree with every adjustment I find myself being much more accommodating when someone tells me their thoughts behind adjustments.

Burn Cards:

If I had to pick one criticism with the latest patches, it's the burn card system feeling somewhat incomplete. While I may be in the minority of enjoying the new burn card system, it's pretty clear that it's not entirely finished. The singular life system leaves some to be desired, but it could also be redesigned in a way to make it much more user friendly.

I think a big positive change with this system is increased credit gains. This allows you to utilize cards that were hard to acquire or justify taking in the previous patches. The increase productivity of cards like Lifesteal, Equestrian, and other utility based cards is refreshing. Things that allow you to be more dynamic, or take additional risks/rewards over the course of a game are a way to increase the dynamic range of combat you experience in Paladins.

Obviously some of the drawbacks of the latest changes comes from overwhelming cards. A great example is the mixed feelings on the anti-cc card Resilience. The total CC immunity seems that it eliminates the frustrating elements such as Pip-chicken, cripple effects, freezes, and slows. While this feels great for gameplay, as those are all entirely frustrating to play against, 100 credits is cheap for something that can even allow for ultimate avoidances.

The singular life of burn cards can also leave much to be desired as well, due to the UI for purchases. I'd prefer something as to a burn-card deck of cards you select to bring into a match. Perhaps 3-5 that you can choose to purchase in round, and potentially at any time. Even adding some kind of "I'm buying a card mid-combat" animation would be an exciting system. While my ideas could go on endlessly, I honestly trust Hi-Rez's decisions on moving forward. I generally viewed the latest patch for the burn cards as a mostly positive addition!

The Hero of my Life: Biblestudy

There is one major thing that happened in the latest patch of CB25, and that is the identification of a bug that personally plagued me for nearly two months now. If you take a look here you can see my personal reports and gripes about the projectiles being thrown out. I provided reproduction steps, physical anger, and even personally harassed several of the Hi-Rez developers on the issues.

That is until the one day the hero of my Paladins life appeared and graced himself into Hi-Rez studios. Biblestudy was able to take the information from the cumulative posts, isolate the bug, and provided those details to the programmers who in turn finally fixed the issue. In a span of 24 hours from him replying to the topic, and likely within his first 48 hours worker for the company, he solved an issue that was quite personal to me!

For those curious, if you were unfortunate enough to play with +80 pings and higher. You're shots had a reproducible step to no-reg on targets. It was only in the close ranges where the bug would crop it's ugly head, causing rage and frustration abound. This fix has allowed me to fully compete, enjoy, and play many of the exciting projectile based heros featured in the game!

Show Biblestudy love and appreciation and gratitude for his hard work at:



In general, I think this patch is a great step forward. As a competitive player, I'm invested to play against high tier opponents in an enjoyable fashion with fights and engagements being decided in dynamic fashions. This patch captures that with the new burn card system leading to a more dynamic range of combat.

While some cards might be out of line, the changes and larger ranges in TTK that controlled by burn cards makes me find extra ways to enjoy my gameplay. In particular defense cards + life rip setups finally start recapturing some of the magic from the earlier CB 9-13 stages. So I would love to see those elements remain the same, while some of the others find themselves tweaked into more reasonable configurations.

As always thanks for the read and I hope that you've found enjoyment out of the this blogpost!

Chris "Bitey" Mohn



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