Today we announce with glee that with the latest roster changes happening in the NA region, Eager brings aboard a new starter.

Saturnalia Open will mark the first big team up between EGR and HiRez with a MASSIVE $10,000 and 32,000 GEM PRIZE POOL! We cordially invite you to participate in the event with a chance to face up against your favorite Pros or just come watch. The Saturnalia Open could be the first glimpse or preview into Season 4's ROSTERPOCALYPSE. See tournament details below.

In our latest and most up-to-date news post, we've chosen to feature one of our more undercover roasters who have been silently prepping themselves during the last several months. The silence up till this announcement has mostly been due to the fresh nature of the team and Overwatch as an esports title.This team is full of personal friends and previous teammates who I (Bitey) know have the experience and talent to succeed given time and investment.


No Streams Online


In Week 8 Eager take on Luminosity and Soar G2A.

Eager bring home the victories against Team Allegiance in this 2-0 set.


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